I need a personal assistant!

Okay, so maybe I’m not the most disorganized person in the world, but I am in the top 10. I am a ditherer and a putter-offer. I never do today what can be left until tomorrow. When I try to be efficient, I fail even more miserably than usual. Maybe I should run for Congress.

I could use a personal assistant if I could only afford one. There is a critter called a life management specialist, but my therapist says that’s just a word for a therapist/counsellor without the license to be eligible for third party payments. That being the case, I’ll stick with my therapist. But if I could get my insurance to pay for a personal assistant, that would be grand. On a positive note, I actually got on the phone and made four appointments today (2 for the dogs and 2 for me) and rescheduled another. I’m really pretty proud of myself for that. Question is: What will I accomplish tomorrow?


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2011 Retrospective

Not a really great year. Too much time spent in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Not enough tennis. Weight gain. Peterkin died at the end of July. What a shock, and I still miss him.

On the plus side, lots of help from sisters Sue, Beth & Norah, cousin Eva, friends Jo, Alice, Betty & Bruce. I can’t thank them enough. Back playing tennis left-handed. I asked my teacher, Rosemary de Hoogh, “Can you teach me to play tennis left-handed?” “Of course!” she replied, and so she has. Incredible teacher. And then Sally came to live with Cassie and me. Don’t know what Morkies usually look like, but Sally looks like an angel. She’s warming up to us and not so scared anymore. (She is a puppy mill rescue.) She is even learning to pee outside, thank God! Maybe I won’t have to throw out any more rugs.

Best acquisition of 2011: My Kindle, although it may put me into bankruptcy.

Best decision of 2011: To retire at the end of Spring semester 2012. I can hardly wait.

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Lendl to Coach Murray?

So Ivan Lendl is starting his coaching career with Andy Murray. I’d like to be a fly on the wall during some of those coaching sessions!


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Watch This Space!

Since Google has kicked me off Blogspot, I have started a new blog here. My first real post will be published on January 1, 2012. Stay tuned!

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